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MicroMemory - ikke bufferet

MicroMemory - ikke bufferet

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MicroMemory - DDR - 512 MB - DIMM 184-PIN - 266 MHz / PC2100 - 2.5 V - ikke bufferet - ikke-ECC
Micro Memory is the leading provider of large density, high-speed memory products. Products based on open industry standard architectures utilize cutting edge technologies to provide solutions for applications involving networking, signal and image processing, communications, and high-speed data acquisition.

This memory is designed for the following Compaq and Hewlett-Packard systems:

Presario 4400xx Series 4420LA;

Presario S4010CL/S4010CL-B;

Presario S3020AP;

Presario S3110AP;

Presario 6092EA;

Presario 5700xx Series 5730GC/5730NZ/5730TH;

Presario S3030IL;

Presario S3000AP;

Evo D310;

Presario S3000T (BTO);

Presario S3000V (BTO);

Presario 6004EA/6033EA/6084EA;

Presario 5700xx Series 5725AK/5725AP/5726AK;

Presario 8000-Series 8510EA-8590E (DDR);

Presario S3630LA;

Presario S3150UK;

Presario 5700xx Series 5720AK/5720AP/5720AU/5720GC;

Presario 5700xx Series 5735AP/5735GC;

Presario S3030AP;

Presario S4210NX-B;

Presario S4200NX;

Presario S4010AP;

Presario S5100NX;

Presario 8000-Series 8105EA, 8125EA (DDR);

Presario S3150AP;

Presario S4150UK;

Evo D500/D510 USDT;

Evo D315;

Presario S3200AP;

Evo D380MX;

Presario 8000-Series 8130EA-8154EA (DDR);

Presario 6500;

Presario 5700xx Series 5720TH/5722AP/5723AP;

Presario S4100UK;

Presario 5700xx Series 5760GC;

Presario S4080AP;

Presario S4100NX;

Presario S3010IL;

Presario S3210AP;

Presario S4130IN;

Presario S5000J (BTO);

Presario 6095EA;

Evo D310V;

Presario 6097EA;

Presario S4020IL;

Presario S4020WM-B;

Presario S4220NX;

Presario S3040SE-B;

Presario S3010CL-B;

Presario S3300NX;

Presario S3160AP;

Presario S3030RK;

Presario S3010AP;

Presario S3220IN;

Presario S4000NX;

Evo D510;

Presario S3610LA;

Evo D510 E-PC;

Presario S3050UK;

Presario S3050AN;

Presario S4030IL;

Presario 5430US/5423US/5440CA/5450CA 5430CA;

Presario 6200;

Presario 5700xx Series 5730AK/5730AP/5730AS;

Presario S3000NX/S3100NX/S3200NX;

Presario S3000Z (BTO);

Presario 7000Z/7110US/7104CA (DDR);

Presario 8000-Series AMD (DDR);

Presario S3080AN;

Presario S3210IN;

Presario S3120IN;

Presario S5200NX;

Presario S3010AN;

Presario 6046EA;

Presario 8000-Series 8420EA-8475EA (DDR);

Presario S3240IN;

Presario S5300NX;

Presario S5000V (BTO);

Presario 5700xx Series 5740AK/5740AP/5740AS/5740AU;

Presario S4000J (BTO);

Business Desktop D330;

Business Desktop D530;

Business Desktop D325 Microtower.
Producentens varenummer:MMC1003/512
Produktbeskrivelse:MicroMemory - DDR - 512 MB - DIMM 184-PIN - ikke bufferet
Kapacitet:512 MB
Hukommelsestype:DDR SDRAM - DIMM 184-PIN
Opgraderingstype:System specifikationer
Hastighed:266 MHz (PC2100)
Egenskaber:Ikke bufferet
Spænding:2.5 V
Passer til OEM fabrikants delnr.:HP 257526-001, HP 266270-B21, HP 175925-001, HP 282435-B21
Producentgaranti:7 års garanti